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Decentralized Web3 Payments

For the decentralized web (Web3) all you need is a crypto wallet to ensure payments are routed directly to you. IPFS Terminals allow you to directly accept Web3 Payments on your website or dApp without any further installation. Just use an IPFS Terminal URL that uses your configuration to make real-time payments.

Social Commerce

Allows businesses & individual to accept instant payments directly onto any phone without any additional hardware. Eliminates total absence of benefits on e.g social networks and make your business accessible to anyone!

Purchase IPFS Terminal

Get your own IPFS Terminal. No renewal fees ever. Your own dApp on the blockchain.

Connect Your Wallet

Choose an IPFS Terminal that perfectly suits your needs. It’s easy, decentralized and fast.

Unstoppable Payments

IPFS Terminals support hundreds of cryptocurrencies with one simple dApp.

Future of Payments.

Cryptocurrencies facilitate easy cross-border payments and thereby reduces barriers to international trade for various businesses. Web3 Payments and IPFS Terminals are borderless, supporting multiple blockchains.


Payments will continue to connect people, physical, digital & virtual worlds.

Professional Sectors

Break free from a traditional counter terminal. Work wherever you want.


AR, VR, MR & XR are the future of the business world, technology & processes.

Global Payments

DeFi offers a variety of ways to accept global crypto payments from anyone worldwide.

Persistent Availability

Once your IPFS Terminal is set up, you can receive cryptocurrency payments instantly. Instead of copy & paste your wallet address you can also use a NFC Payment Terminal or Unstoppable Domain to simplify crypto payments forever! It also supports the thousands of tokens associated with coins in the top 200 like Ethereum ERC20s, Binance Chain BEP20, etc...

The Future is already here!
Accept Crypto Payments .

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